Why LifeBot® Telemedicine? “Telemedicine is the Future

It is now estimated by Deloitte’s Center for Health Solutions that telemedicine will save $500B annually in productivity.
Having the right patient data or information in a timely manner is critical. Telemedicine has shown it may reduce medical errors as much as 75% in treatment of trauma, as just one example.
Selection of an able vendor or supplier for this demanding technology will determine if it was a good investment long term. Most will fall by the wayside, limited by the scope and breadth of their expertise; by the ways they address the real problems presented by such rapidly developing technologies in so many medical specialties. Most telemedicine solutions are already limited by performing very costly video conferencing only.
Telemedicine Must Be Mobile:
A new breed of mobile community paramedic is beginning to show up on the scene. Indications are that 85% of healthcare will be done in the home or in remote clinical settings in next five or six years. A paradigm shift is coming for digital health.
The Mobile Micro-Hospital N able or Emergency Room ( Digital Ambulance):
The service can be provided through cabinet of n-Able or the digital ambulance. Both can provide full connectivity between the patients and the consultancy any where and time. Thanks to the mobility of the device.

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