SER group provides its best ECM service using flexible eFile solution with Doxis4
SER delivers return on Information.
Gartner : visionary in Gartenr magic quadrant
Forrester : strong performer , Forrester wave : content platforms Q2 2021. Best current offering of 14 top content platform vendors.

SER Group provides accessibly to the data through web and mobile apps on IOS and Android platform.

12 Good reasons why you should choose Doxis4 eFiles

⦁ Digital Workspace: Doxis4 suits your way of working with information
⦁ Universal Solution: Doxis4 accommodates any file type or application

⦁ 360o View : Doxis4 is your most reliable source of information
⦁ Compliance : Doxis4 protects files and documents
⦁ Collaboration: Doxis4 makes teamwork so much easier.
⦁ External project rooms: Doxis4 shares information in an organized and secured way.
⦁ Tasks and processes: Dioxis4 puts order into your case processing
⦁ Stay up to date: Doxis4 ensures you are always well informed
⦁ Mobile use : Doxis4 facilitates work with files on the go.
⦁ Integration: Doxis4 works hand in hand with business application
⦁ Global eFile access : Doxis4 connects working environments across the globe.
⦁ Platform and services : Doxis4 can be gradually rolled out and extended