Q-Archive is the system , used to store ,preserve , find , archive , and manage contents with documents in a very easy and flexible way which shows digital transformation of paperless life.

The view of the archival system focuses on the process needed to ensure that records and documents are accessible and that they are available anywhere at any time based on the user’s permission.

Main features

⦁ Bilingual language support : The system interface supports two languages ( Arabic and English)
⦁ Archiving and management of documents : used to archive , capture , find search , preserve and manage records with documents.
⦁ Web based system: supports and run web interfaces through any browsers from any Device (Mobile – Tablet – Laptop) which do not need to develop a mobile application.
⦁ Security: High Quality of security and the prevention of loss of any information in every day’s mess which ensures that only the right people can access the right documents.
⦁ Field administrating: define and create index fields with different types ( Number – Date – Text , ….) and different sizes which also have the ability to extract document types from the same index fields.
⦁ Import , drag and drop document : Allow to scan and import images . PDF ,, MS Office documents ( support drag and drop function).
⦁ Full search capabilities : support advanced and basic search ( Document type – certain date) and allow to create of reports from the search results.
⦁ User Management : support multi – users who have the ability to control , edit , delete and create users as much a the system admin wants.
⦁ Folder structure: Allow to define and create virtual cabinet/ folders / subfolders.

Why Q- Archive system?
⦁ Reduced cost of ownership.
⦁ Prevention of Data loss
⦁ High quality of security.
⦁ Regulatory compliance.
⦁ Ensure only the right people can access the right documents
⦁ Saves valuable storage space in your office and on your server.
⦁ Keep document organized and easy to access.
⦁ Helps your business to meet legal requirements.

It is inhouse developed web-based application that can create digital archive of the all the data and images of the enterprise. So, it will be easy to transform the small and medium companies to the digital world

Q Archive

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