Medical Digitalization in the fully integrated telemedicine services.

Life Bot

Digital united provides the technical support and maintenance for the Life Bot devices and N-able system those are provided by the alliance from its sister company QES and Alhakeema through the AOI. That serve the health care domain as one of the essential parts of the digital transformation.

LifeBot® provides exclusive patented telemedicine and telehealth solutions and digital collaborative systems to eliminate disparate communications issues during emergencies with full interoperability. We also integrate next generation broadband capabilities not inherent in today’s interoperative digital radio communications so the benefits of achieving telemedicine, telehealth, and emergency preparedness objectives may all be fully realized

Life Bot main features are

Life Bot

⦁ Improved access to medical specialists

Life Bot

⦁ Access to care in remote locations

Life Bot

⦁ Faster diagnosis and treatment

Life Bot

⦁ Reduced travel and cost effectiveness

Life Bot

⦁ Improved quality

Digital United provides the ECM services through two main products : the electronic content management and the document management


SER group provides its best ECM service using flexible eFile solution with Doxis4 

SER delivers return on Information. 


Gartner : visionary  in Gartenr magic quadrant 

Forrester : strong performer , Forrester wave : content platforms Q2 2021. Best current offering of 14 top content platform vendors.

Digital United provides the ECM services through two main products : the electronic content management and the document management


Q-Archive is the system , used to store ,preserve , find , archive , and manage contents with documents in a very easy and flexible way which shows digital transformation of paperless life.


The view of the archival system focuses on the process needed to ensure that records and documents are accessible and that they are available anywhere at any time based on the user’s permission. 

N – able Features

Digital Health Operator

N – able is a telemedicine operator service , delivered by joint partnership between Al Hakeema for Healthcare , Life Bot ( Provided by QES and Digital United from AOI ) & Tashaweer Consulting Group

Life Bot provided by QES & Digital United from AOI)

telemedicine solutions company that provides exclusive patented and military developed technologies for healthcare. These systems are used to send and receive live video , voice and patient vital – sigh data transmissions primarily in support of heart , trauma and stroke victims,

Al – Hakeema for healthcare

healthcare market pioneer in digital healthcare delivery specialized in on demand and remote healthcare at homes and on sites through a pool of healthcare proffsionals and using advanced technology.

Tashawer Consulting Group:

is a distinguished consulting group that has a group of ICU consultants, who will support Tele-ICU telemedicine services mediated by N-Able.

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